Unearth - “Giles”

"Giles" is a certified shredder guaranteed to give you a sore neck or your money back, but the gratuitous breakdown is something else. Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps lets out few screams of "Rectify my name!" but you're already moshing. Chug your heart out. —Brian Kraus


With Blood Comes Cleansing - “Golgotha”

It doesn’t get much heavier than With Blood Comes Cleansing. Eleven seconds into the title track of their 2006 Blood & Ink debut, Golgotha, and you’re already spin-kicking the nearest wall. Abrasive deathcore vocals and down-tuned fight riffs make any WBCC pit a sight to see. —Tyler Sharp


This Is Hell - “Prelude (Again)”

Sundowning became the beloved melodic hardcore record that This Is Hell are most remembered for. Situated at a generous halfway point, vocalist Travis Reilly starts the pre-mosh as if he's yelling at Long Island traffic. His other half, guitarist Rick Jimenez, is preparing riffs in the kitchen, making way for a full-bodied smash part. It's a brief mosh, but resumed after a two-step part. Gotta give the kids what they want. —Brian Kraus


Underoath - “Writing On The Walls”

If you listened to Underoath in 2006, you definitely heard “Writing On The Walls” and know why it’s on this list. After melodic guitars give way to the eerie layered vocals in the song’s second half, you can sense something big is coming. Then it hits. In the blink of an eye, you’re met with everything Underoath have in regard to musical velocity. It’s vicious, unforgiving and leaves you only wanting more. —Tyler Sharp


Misery Signals - “The Failsafe”

Emotional metalcore titans Misery Signals rip a machine-gun mosh part in "The Failsafe" from Mirrors, another Ferret Records release to hit the list. A quick drum roll and hoarse declaration of "Give us a sign!" is our only warning. If these guys had the goofy side of Darkest Hour, you just know they'd be holding their guitars up high like riflemen. —Brian Kraus