Better WeatherWith Confidence

“We’ll Be Okay”


With Confidence are currently making waves out on the Vans Warped Tour right now by blessing crowds with music from Better Weather. Signed to Hopeless Records, the young Australian band have toured relentlessly and played shows with acts such as You Me At Six, Tonight Alive, Marianas Trench, 5 Seconds Of Summer and the Getaway Plan. Better Weather blends the upbeat feeling of catchy pop with the anthemic feel of alternative rock.

Higher Power The Dirty Nil

“Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü”


With in-your-face guitars and fearless vocals, the three-piece known as the Dirty Nil are the epitome of  rock ‘n’ roll. Higher Power is loud and punches you in the gut. And what’s more punk rock than the description of the YouTube video for “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü” reading “12 broken video cameras + illegal smoke bombs in confined spaces = the Dirty Nil live experience, captured for you in glorious VHS format?”

If I’m the Devil letlive.

“Good Mourning, America”


letlive. prove with If I’m the Devil that they are exactly what music needs right now. They present the reality of topics such as human rights in a personal way that allows listeners to understand social injustice on an emotional level. The album both inspires and creates admiration for people who have suffered through injustices and continue to fight back.

Can’t Go Home Stories Untold

“Too True to Be Good”


Michigan-based Stories Untold have a polished and professional sound for being such a young band. Their songs touch on multiple genres by incorporating ear-pleasing harmonies, desperate screams, somber piano and memorable guitar riffs.

Celebrate Tiny Moving Parts



If the feeling of happiness had a sound, that’s what Celebrate sounds like. The technical ability and easy-to-learn lyrics are sure to make you smile.