The 12 songs of a pop-punk Christmas featuring Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, more

There may be a lot of Christmas song lists floating around in the world right now, but we decided to shake things up a bit and highlight only the bonafide pop-punk originals. Doesn’t it just warm your little Grinch heart to think about Fall Out Boy or the Used taking time out of their day to write and record a yuletide carol? If so, pour the eggnog, throw some garland on the tree, crank up these tunes and have yourself a merry little Christmas you punk!

“Ho Ho Hopefully”—the Maine

Not only did the Maine record a very memorable holiday love song, they recorded an entire Christmas album,…And A Happy New Year, in 2008. It’s safe to say the acoustic “Ho Ho Hopefully” is the undeniable fan favorite, and the perfect song for when you finally meet that special someone under the mistletoe.


“Mile High Christmas”—Breathe Carolina

For those inclined to spike the eggnog and get rowdy this year, let this be your jam.


“Right Where You Want Me To Be”—A Day To Remember

ADTR provide pure pop-punk Christmas bliss wrapped into one feel-good track that makes you want to jump around a bit. It’s upbeat, totally fun and definitely boasts one of the most entertaining videos.


“The Lights and Buzz”—Jack’s Mannequin

Maybe you’d rather lie under a thousand blankets and drink hot cocoa than jump around? Spin this track by Jack’s Mannequin, and you’ll undoubtedly get a whimsical gleam of the Christmas spirit in your eyes (not to mention you should probably start preparing yourself now for the reunion tour!).


“Fool’s Holiday”—All Time Low

Contrary to All Time Low’s first Christmas song, “Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass,” they come out looking a little less Grinch-like and a lot like a nice, shiny present topped with a big red bow. This catchy, Christmas-party-worthy track also comes with a pretty sick guitar solo.


“Yule Shoot Your Eye Out”—Fall Out Boy

It simply isn’t a pop-punk Christmas without Fall Out Boy and their classic puns. Fact.


“Christmas Brings Me Down”—Sparks The Rescue

Sometimes Christmas sucks. We see people we don’t want to see. We break up. We go home. We are oftentimes forced to be “cheerful” when we really just want to be emo as fuck. Sparks The Rescue gets us. They really get us.


“Christmas Card”—Joyce Manor

Technically, this probably shouldn’t even be considered a true holiday track, per se, but it is damn good. Besides, the word “Christmas” is in the song title. Everybody wins.


“Christmas at 22”—the Wonder Years

This is the perfect acoustic track for sitting around the bonfire after a Christmas meal. Plus, it mentions frozen pizza, so it really doesn’t get more pop punk than that.


“Alone This Holiday”—the Used

Go on and dive into this song when you’re feeling lonely and blue this holiday season. Not like the Used makes us cry anyway …


“Won’t Be Home For Christmas”—Blink 182

The ultimate soundtrack for when you hate your hometown and all the people in it. Oh, wait—that’s an everyday pop-punk soundtrack. Either way, it wouldn’t be pop punk without Blink 182. So, if you hate the holidays or hate—well, everything—and still want to be a Grinch, turn the dial up on this one.


“Happy Holidays, You Bastard”—Blink 182

Okay, we included two Blink 182 songs because what would 12 songs of a pop punk Christmas be without the genre’s leading force and all their disgruntled pop-punk nuances? Not to mention this is arguably the best 42 seconds in all pop-punk history. Happy holidays!