The All-American Rejects have released their first single since the release of "There's a Place" back in 2015.

Listen to their brand new singles, "Sweat" and "Close Your Eyes" below!

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All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter recently teased the highly-anticipated upcoming album in an interview with Billboard.

"The last five years of learning my craft as an actor and really developing that side of being a visual artist in that way has made me realize how important that really is -- to put the eyes to the ears. This is going to be more of a visual experience. This record is going to be about your eyes and the headphones," teased Ritter.

His experience as an actor definitely pays off as Ritter delights both our ears and eyes.

The band will be releasing their new album later in the fall, but the release of these two songs definitely makes the wait less difficult.

Kids in the Street was released five years ago which allowed the band to truly reflect on their fourth album. It peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard 200 along with selling 18,000 copies in it's first week of sales.

"Kids in the Street was this perfect example of the Rejects experimenting. You can hear the growing pains because it was really lost in a fun way and I’m really proud of that record. We were throwing paint at the wall on every song and every song has its own little environment. It’s a record, to me, that sounds like a band trying to find it’s next record, and that’s cool."

Listen to "Sweat" and "Close Your Eyes" below.




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