The Black Dahlia Murder


ROCKS LIKE: Children Of Bodom, Born Of Osiris, As Blood Runs Black

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: This is likely the Black Dahlia Murder’s most refined record to date. As vocalist Trevor Strnad reaches for new levels of emotion, the songwriting as a whole feels more cohesive, receiving a youthful touch thanks to the addition of 24-year-old guitarist Brandon Ellis. Encompassing a vast array of extreme styles, the shredding melodic guitars and erupting drums fuse together like demons dancing in the blackest of night.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If you fancy darkness, BDM have upgraded their harrowing sound to embody the concept completely. Tracks like “Matriarch” will remind you what got you into melodic death metal in the first place, while “Jars” and “As Good As Dead” put the band’s diverse influences on display. The Black Dahlia Murder will dish you out a cutthroat helping of fury as you ride off into the shadows on their eighth album—but you should’ve expected that by now.

OUR PICK: “Catacomb Hecatomb”

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