The Bunny The Bear

Food Chain

The Bunny The Bear, the duo of screamer Matthew Tybor and clean singer Chris Hutka, are one of the most unique—and uniquely unsettling—acts on the modern heavy music scene. Their songs fluctuate between eerie, keyboard-driven verses and crushingly heavy metal choruses, occasionally heading straight for the dancefloor to inhabit that zone where the sweaty delirium of a rave turns into the blind fury of a moshpit. Food Chain is the duo’s most adventurous and disturbing work to date. It’s got edges of goth and post-punk, and the sweetness of the cleanly-sung sections turns sour as the melodies veer off the path into the darkness. Tybor’s howls and screams have a throat-shredding power that would leave most black-metal frontmen coughing lamely, and Hutka, frankly, sounds like his namesake animal half the time. The music behind them encompasses dubstep, industrial, thrash, metalcore and the kind of thing you hear in videos you really, really don’t want your parents to catch you downloading. This is a soundtrack to psychic violence, and a few purely fun moments can’t take away the overwhelming feeling that these guys wear their masks so you won’t recognize them when they come up behind you.


“Pale Green Eyes”