Earlier this week, the Bunny The Bear frontman Matt Tybor was arrested and charged with domestic violence-battery touch or strike towards his brother, as well as resisting arrest without violence. 

Tybor recently spoke out on the situation through Facebook, saying, “Was a fight with my brother while we were drinking. In Florida if police come they have to make an arrest and is filed under a domestic misdemeanor even though the charges are being dropped. Just a little clarification from my part guys lol just a drunken brother battle.”

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He added, “I just know the word Domestic can be taken wrong. Just a reminder of stupidity and why drinking can be [idiotic] I suppose. But I'm currently sitting on a couch next to him so we're good.”

As pointed out by Substream, local Florida newspaper The Ledger has shared Tybor’s arrest report, which can be seen below.