The Bunny The Bear


The fourth album in as many years from Buffalo, New York-based electro-screamcore band the Bunny The Bear doesn’t break any new ground from their previous work—if you’re a fan of their heavy guitars-over-stomping-techno-beats approach, you’ll find 11 more doses of it here. Some tracks (“In Like Flynn,” “Melody,” “Imagine”) are high-energy dance numbers, while “The Frog” jacks up the guitars and the noise levels to a point where it might almost qualify as metal, and “It’s Not Always Cold In Buffalo” has all the melodrama of a power ballad on a John Hughes movie soundtrack. The vocals of Matt “The Bunny” Tybor and Chris “The Bear” Hutka don’t really go with the music very well at all; they sound like two guys who kicked in the door of a techno club and started randomly shouting at people. But if you find their schtick more amusing than infuriating (the easily butthurt need not apply), Stories will make you happy.


“In Like Flynn”