[Photo by: The Chainsmokers/Facebook]

Do you think the new Chainsmokers song is ripping off Twenty One Pilots? The internet sure seems to think so.

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The Chainsmokers released their new song "Everybody Hates Me," which you can listen to below.

And the internet is freaking out—the same response many TØP fans had to the Chainsmokers' song "Sick Boy," released earlier this year.

Even before "Everybody Hates Me" was released, the Chainsmokers teased a "heavydirtysoul"-esque photo in support of the track.

And after hearing the track, the internet has a strong response. Are the Chainsmokers intentionally trying to rip off Twenty One Pilots?

So we want to know: What do you think? Does "Everybody Hates Me" sound like it's ripping off Twenty One Pilots?

Sound off in the comments below.

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