The Copyrights


This sixth record from Illinois-based misfits the Copyrights blasts through 14 pithy gems in just under 28 minutes. Mixing both the sloppy, slacker pop-punk of, say, early Green Day with the slightly more polished sheen of Teenage Bottlerocket or recent Bouncing Souls, songs like “The World Is Such A Drag” and “No Knocks” throw an upbeat, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude in the face of rather more downbeat situations. Similarly, “Heart Of Glue” and “The New Frontier” are frantic, excitable songs full of heart whose hooks are as cathartic as they are catchy—the sound of a band getting up almost before they’ve been knocked down. As such, Report is an album of conflict, one which pits youthful innocence against jaded experience. The upshot of it all, for the Copyrights at least, is that it’s a perpetual battle with no clear winner. When the struggle sounds this exciting, that’s only a good thing.

Red Scare

“The New Frontier”