The Dear Hunter

Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise

Casey Crescenzo and the Dear Hunter have finally returned to their conceptual album series with its fourth installment, Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise. With some new explorations entwined, Act IV exhibits all facets of the band's alluring brand (extensive instrumentation, orchestral theatrics and experimental whimsy) in impressive form. Moreover, re-imagined segments of erstwhile offerings from the series are scattered throughout (hence the title), most notably with additions to Act II's ongoing parts of "The Bitter Suite." On the whole, Rebirth In Reprise is the successor the ever-evolving Act narrative needed (and a natural progression of The Boy's trying storyline), and if fans of the collection can open their minds to the occasional divergence in sound ("King Of Swords (Reversed)") it should be the one they've longed for as well. (EQUAL VISION;

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Equal Vision

The King of Swords (Reversed)