The Dirty Nil

Minimum R&B

FILE UNDER: Bubble-grunge


WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Minimum R&B is a compilation of deep tracks from this Canadian trio’s illustrious catalogue of EPs and singles. Brandishing noise with crass emotion and a grounding simper, the Dirty Nil write songs that show off their diverse abilities and dynamic sound. Think Led Zeppelin being broadcast through the white noise of a static TV channel.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The Dirty Nil convey the triumphant sound of the teenage experience (red eyes, long nights, hazy screaming and fuzzy riffs) with all its victories and glorious defeats, all chewed up and spat out like a warm loogie into your ear canals. This compilation brings the garage anthem back to life and the realm of relativity, along with some other choice tunes you may have missed. Sultry yet crass, ballsy yet sensual, organic and honest, Minimum R&B is everything humans love about the Dirty Nil. 

OUR PICK: “Our Hate Is A Stone”