The Format, former band of fun.'s Nate Ruess and Destry's Sam Means managed to sell out every pre-order copy of the vinyl reissue of their sophomore album, Dog Problems, just five hours after it was announced yesterday afternoon.

The band's debut, Interventions + Lullabies, which celebrated its tenth anniversary yesterday, was also announced to receive the the vinyl reissue treatment, and also just managed to sell out, a day after its announcement. Check out a message from the band:

Surprised by how quickly the reissues sold, The Format are "discussing options for those who missed out" and promise that "more news" is forthcoming.

As we noted yesterday, both Means and Ruess have the next several months off from their respective new projects, should any anniversary/reunion shows follow the reissues. As of now, no further announcements have been made.

Along with the vinyl releases of the band's two full-lengths, a die-cut 7-inch of their single "Swans" was also announced, and is still available for pre-order. All releases are expected to ship on or around Jan. 2.