Baltimore, Maryland’s the Great Heights Band are teaming up with AP to bring you their new “Coming Around” music video.

"'Coming Around' was the very last song written for our full length," frontman Neal Karkhanis tells AP. "I wrote the general outline of the song just a couple of days before heading into the studio. The day before we went in, Paul (drummer) and I did a live demo and just sort of rolled with what we had. It was very much a last minute addition, sort of like 'The Rock Show' and other hits on Blink's Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. I actually think the song came out better because of that. We didn't over think it, and we just had fun with it. The video was a 15-hour experience of each of us playing the song by ourselves in different outfits, over and over again. Our goal with music videos is to always do something weird and different. The filmmakers really took our vision of the video and ran with it. It came out awesome!"

"Coming Around" is taken from the band's debut album, Songs In Eastern Standard Timing, which comes out Friday, October 23 via CI Records. You can pre-order it here, and get an immediate download of "Coming Around," along with a download for the band's first single, "Portland."