The Holy Mess

Comfort In The Discord

Although they’ve hovered on the fringes of the gruff-punk scene so far, Philadelphia's the Holy Mess deserve more attention—and Comfort In The Discord, their latest album in an increasingly long line of releases, should be the one to get it for them. Recorded live in the studio over a span of 10 days, the 10 songs on the album measure up nicely to their obvious influences the Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio and Leatherface. Between the drunken frolicking of “Speak Uneasy,” featuring melodic and grimy vocal interplay and bundles of energy, the discordant and angst overload of “Positive Noise” and the more pensive hop-along of “Worthless Original,” the Holy Mess have steadily but surely become one of melodic punk’s most curious bands, with that dark undertone that seeps through and keeps things interesting on repeated listens. Whether this self-released album will find its way to all the ears that it should is an issue to consider, but in a perfect world Comfort In The Discord would be cranking out of every Econoline van barreling between sweaty DIY punk gigs this summer.


“Worthless Original”