[Photo by: Anton Corbijn]

Everyone loves a good meme, and we especially love memes when they involve our favorite muscians. Fortunately for us, and maybe unfortunately for the Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers, a new meme has surfaced on the internet.

Making its way into our hearts—and into the land of the memes—is sad Brandon Flowers.  

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During a live performance, a picture of the singer, who looked pretty sad, surfaced online. Fans, of course, took to Twitter so they could get to the bottom of what could have possibly made the frontman so upset—and their conclusions are pretty hilarious. 

“When you’re coming out of your cage and haven’t been doing fine at all,” one fan tweeted, referencing the lyrics to the Killers' mega-hit "Mr Brightside."

Another fan went a different route, tweeting "when she doesn't read your mind," which is in reference to the lyrics of their 2006 song "Read My Mind."

The #sadBrandon meme isn't the first time a musician has been turned into a meme, of course. We've also had the fortune of seeing Slipknot's Corey Taylor in the "What does Corey Taylor think?" meme and Wage War's Seth Blake in his "Chipotle guac" meme. 

Check out some of our favorites below! 

Safe to say, we're loving this meme.

QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”?