Any television series that opens with a murder isn’t exactly cheery. But just how emo can the cast of Riverdale characters be? Check below for our ranking—as well as our selections’ (probably) favorite tunes.

14. Archie Andrews

Happy-go-lucky even when he’s being blackmailed to do his girlfriend’s dad’s bidding, Archie comes in dead last to our most emo rankings.

Favorite song: “Secrets” by State Champs

13. Hiram Lodge

Nefarious, yes; emo, no. Hiram might have all of Riverdale wrapped around his finger (or so he thinks), but for now, we’ll count him as evil, not emo.

Favorite song: “Drowned In Gold” by Boston Manor

12. Fred Andrews

Much like his son, Fred always seems to find a way to look on the bright side. And now, freed from the weight of his medical bills (thanks, the Lodges!) he’s able to rage in mayor’s race without shedding a tear.

Favorite song: “Everything Is Alright” by Motion City Soundtrack

11. Josie McCoy

Josie has a lot to be emo about (see: lying mother, trying to break into the music industry, etc.) but overcomes it with a smile and cat ears.

Favorite song: “(Fuck A) Silver Lining” by Panic! At The Disco

10. Hermione Lodge

Hermione ranks low for all the same reasons as Hiram—except for the fact that she’s married to Hiram, which moves her up several notches. (We’d be sad too, girl.)

Favorite song: “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects

9. Kevin Keller

Ever since Kevin put his woods-gallavating self to rest, he hasn’t had much to be emo about—mostly, it’s just keeping his merry band of misfit friends out of trouble. His most emo had to have been the heartfelt goodbye to Joaquin, but unless we see some pining, Kevin is keeping things on the bright side.

Favorite song: “Lacquer” by Museum Mouth

8. Chic Smith

Chic is more hardcore than emo (c’mon, what’s more hardcore than murdering some dude and letting your mom clean it up?), but he still knows how to get “dark” like the rest of Riverdale. Catch him in the pit—just don’t get on his bad side.

Favorite song: “Deadringer” by Knocked Loose