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Did you know the original U.S. series of The Office lives on through its YouTube channel? On Friday, the beloved Dunder Mifflin Paper Company branch posted a new video: a hilarious Making A Murderer parody that revives the infamous Scranton Strangler mystery. Check it out below!

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Yep, even though the The Office wrapped things up back in 2013, new supercuts and mashups still get posted to the show's YouTube page, including this "Making A Strangler" clip that revisits Toby's "suspicious comments" about the Scranton Strangler case, as reported by Hello Giggles.

Remember all of Toby's reservations about the Scranton Strangler? The strange storyline wove its way through the last four seasons of the series, and now the mystery is revived in this illuminating new video. Who is the strangler?!

See if you can figure it out below in "Making A Strangler," and just make sure your computer password isn't "scrantonstrangler666":