In a new interview with Epiphone, former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero talks Death Spells, his new "as-of-yet untitled" project and more.

“[M]aybe it's best for me to have 8 bands going at the same time,” Iero, who is fresh off playing Skate & Surf in both Death Spells and LeATHERMOUTH joked.


On the subject of Death Spells, Iero’s electronic hardcore venture with fellow multi-project pioneer James Dewees, he says that the duo hope to release their recorded material this year. “We have a bunch of songs recorded, and I'm actually finishing the vocals in the next week or so on some of those.”

Leading up to their short run on Mindless Self Indulgence’s spring tour, the pair had released 7 demo clips through their SoundCloud account. Their setlist on that tour consisted of 10 songs, including “Hypnotic Spells,” which we premiered in the iPad Edition of AP #299 and “Where Are My Fucking Pills,” which you can watch the video for, below.


Iero also announced in the new interview that he’s recording for yet another project.

“I have also recently been in the studio recording for an as-of-yet untitled project,” Iero said.

He likens that project to "This Song Is A Curse," the song he contributed to the Frankenweenie: Unleashed! Soundtrack (listen below), but isn’t limiting himself to it. Nor Death Spells. Nor Leathermouth.

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