The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers apparently has an interesting sense of humor. The singer recently released a song titled “This Song Sucks,” which he describes as “the worst song in the world.” In the sludgy metalcore track, the singer proclaims, “I wanna kill every member of Blood On The Dance Floor,” among other things (like cats).


"I wanna kill every member of Blood On The Dance Floor

cut em up and let my dogs eat their flesh for days

fuck taking names I'll cut your ugly face of and wear it while I bang your ugly girlfriend

I wanna die

I wanna fucking smoke all the cigarettes in the world and die

I want to die

I want to be buried in a toilet

I wish every single cat in the world would fall in a sewer and drown


Praise God for small traces of mercury found in tuna

I wanna fly in a plane and take a huge shit on this fucking world

I think I'm gay, some days I just wanna rot away

I wanna crawl in an old woman's vagina and just fall asleep

dogs suck, family sucks, candy sucks

put me in the ground I don't really give a fuck

Every show on TV is terrible, wish I would have been born amish

Every merch design for the plot in you has sucked up until the last 6 months

Fuck homeless people, fuck em all, fuck your mom, I wouldn't fuck your mom

I don't even wanna do a vocal swell

this is the build up to the stupid breakdown annnndddd


This song sucks

This song sucks

Hold on tightly brother, I'm doing everything that I can do to keep you here with me, to keep your heart beating"

It obviously looks to be a joke, but you can hear the track below. Let us know you thoughts. If you missed it, watch AP’s recent interview with Tewers at Skate And Surf Fest.

It also looks like he has further plans for this material: