The Slow Death

Born Ugly Got Worse

On the Slow Death’s debut album, Born Ugly Got Worse, frontman Jesse Thorsen and his not-always-merry men hit all the melodic-punk sweet spots; the shouted-along vocals, bobbly bass-lines and fast-out-of-the-gate anthems about relationship squabbles (“Sleeping Somewhere Else”) and drinking (“Phantom Limbs” and “Sorry Sam,” among others). Some nice touches of ’90s alternative pop are added in, bringing to mind the Replacements, Lemonheads and early Soul Asylum. It’s nothing that hasn’t been heard before in small, all-ages live punk spaces in the Bay Area, Gainesville, Florida, or Chicago, but it still rocks. Being from Minneapolis, the Dillinger Four comparisons are going to follow the Slow Death around like a lost puppy, so they decided to acknowledge the connection by inviting D4’s Paddy Costello to play guest bass. Talk about embracing your obvious influences and adding a kick-ass bottom end to your album, all at the same time. Nice one, guys.

Kiss Of Death

“Ticks Of The Clock”