The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt will release his metal tribute to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon on August 4—it's called Doom Side Of The Moon.

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While artists such as the Flaming Lips have previously released their own full-album versions of Dark Side, Floyd's classic 1973 album has seemingly yet to be completely covered in a heavy-metal manner. The changes with Doom Side.

Shutt explains the nexus of Doom Side Of The Moon was his yearning for a heavier take on Pink Floyd's hallmark Dark Side number, "Time." (via Loudwire)

"The idea came to me after getting baked and wanting to hear a heavy version of 'Time,'" says Shutt. "I thought, why not just cover the whole album?"

The album's band features Shutt's bandmates in the Sword, drummer Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III and bassist Bryan Richie, as well as vocalist Alex Marrero, keyboardist Joe Cornetti and saxophonist Jason Frey.

Pre-order Doom Side Of The Moon here and listen to the band's cover of Pink Floyd's "Money" below.

"I’m treating it as a celebration of one of the greatest bands to ever rock," says Shutt. "A party that everyone is invited to."

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