With their newest album, Apocryphon, due out October 22, the Sword will be making an appearance on the Travel Channel's show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on September 3. Most interestingly, though, is that the band will be debuting their very own brand of hot sauce called "Tear Of Fire," which will be available for purchase the day after the show--September 4--right here.

The creator of the sauce, Brian Rush, had this to say: "They wanted something hot, but with a good flavor.  I already make a really hot red habanero sauce (August in Austin), so it was just a matter of taking that over the top.  I added the infamous Ghost Chile, the hottest pepper in the world along with some extra spice to give it another dimension of zing.  This is an other-worldly sauce with both flavor and heat, named after a killer song for one of the best bands Austin has to offer.”

After the band's release, they will be headed out on a full US tour. You can read our interview with guitarist Kyle Shutt while they were recording the album here.