The Used have released a live acoustic video for a new rendition of their 2007 single "The Bird And The Worm," from their upcoming CD/DVD Live and Acoustic at The Palace, out April 1 via Hopeless Records. You can check out the new video along with their live album's track listing and artwork below.

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"The whole time we were making this I couldn't believe it was happening," say frontman Bert McCraken. "I'm so proud of this band for working hard to pull this off and at same time I feel like this is what we deserve because we worked so hard to get here that it felt like a victory lap in a lot of ways."

Album Tracklisting:

1. Tunnel

2. The Taste of Ink

3. Yesterday's Feelings

4. Lunacy Fringe

5. The Bird And The Worm

6. Paralyzed

7. All That I've Got

8. Overdose 

9. Blue And Yellow

10. Hard To Say

11. Imagine (John Lennon Cover)

12. On My Own