Massachusetts’ own the Venetia Fair have broken up. To say goodbye, the band has scheduled three farewell shows in February and released one final track. Their Facebook statement made it very clear that is not a hiatus and most certainly a break up:

“Please don’t make us be in The Venetia Fair anymore! Please please please! We will be in another band if you want, we still like each other a lot just please let it be a different one. We will be in Metallica if they will take us or we will just make another band that isn’t The Venetia Fair if that’s cool. We are very appreciative that you let us be The Venetia Fair for as long as you did but PLEASE let us stop being The Venetia Fair and then maybe let us continue not being The Venetia Fair FOREVER!!! We will play a show or two and you can listen to a song we made but after that please begin forgetting The Venetia Fair ever existed. If this is quoted somewhere in an article or blog or like maybe you are just telling your friend what we said, you better not say hiatus anywhere or we will be VERY mad! THANK YOU WE ARE SAD KIND OF YOU WERE ALL REALLY NICE TO US SEE YA ROUND OR WHATEVER!!!!!”

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The Venetia Fair produced two albums and two EPs over the course of their six year existence. There are talks between certain members that something new may happen in the future, but it won’t be under the title the Venetia Fair.

The band’s last track “Death Is The Poor Man’s Doctor” was posted to Bandcamp as a parting gift. Tickets for the Venetia Fair’s last shows, which will take place in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, are on sale now.


2/19/16 - New York, NY @ The Marlin Room Webster Hall w/ Those Mockingbirds

2/20/16 - Providence, RI @ Fete Music Hall w/ Trophy Wives, Que Sera

2/21/16 - Somerville, MA @ Once Lounge w/ The Color And Sound, Old Best Friend