It’s been almost six months since Netflix graced us with season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. Here’s some good news for anybody still reeling from the twist ending: You’re in no way alone.

Theories regarding the show’s third season have been circulating in abundance ever since the revelation of The Sparrow Academy. With an official cast list and production start date now available, though, they’re becoming increasingly worthy of significant consideration.

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Read on for 10 theories about The Sparrow Academy that seem entirely plausible. Beware, spoilers for the second season lie ahead.

Reginald Hargreeves intentionally avoided creating The Umbrella Academy 

This is one of the most popular theories regarding the events of the show’s second season. It’s widely assumed that the original Academy’s decision to reveal themselves to Reginald Hargreeves in 1963 significantly altered the timeline. Given that Hargreeves didn't receive a great first impression of his future children, it's reasonable that he’d avoid them while rounding up his superhero collective in 1989. The exception, of course, being Ben, who was absent from the dinner short of a brief outburst through Klaus

The Umbrella and Sparrow Academies are just two in a series

A contrasting, albeit interesting, theory to the one aforementioned comes from Twitter user @DIEGOSHORROR. This one presents The Umbrella and Sparrow Academies as existing in two distinct universes. Rather than rising from altered timelines, they're just two academies of many. Choosing only seven of 43 babies born in each iteration, it’s entirely possible that he’s experimenting in hopes of harnessing the most powerful combination.

Ben never died in either of the academies 

This “longshot” theory came from Reddit user WhyRtheresomanyofU. As they point out, Ben’s spiritual form has aged. Even if Klaus had reimagined him, the form would be unlikely to match the Ben present in The Sparrow Academy. Thus, it seems possible that he never died at all. As he did with Vanya, Hargreeves may have simply drugged and isolated him due to the strength of his power. The Sparrow Academy version of Ben may therefore be relatively weaker or more subdued.

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The Umbrella Academy has to face The Sparrow Academy…

But not how you’d immediately think. This theory posed by Redditor diablo1900 addresses the potential of alternate versions of The Umbrella Academy children. If Hargreeves selectively avoided the babies he met as adults, then we can imagine they’re still out there. This means that we might see them in a villainous capacity in respect to The Sparrow Academy. However, this concept has limitations due to its wide geographical distribution. Something would have to happen to bring the original group together in this timeline...

Harlan brings the original Umbrella Academy together

As Redditor Worried-Ad1707 points out, it could very well be Harlan who unites the original group in The Sparrow Academy timeline. This is plausible for the same reason that Hargreeves’ avoidance is: He knows about all of them except for Ben. This could make for an interesting dynamic, wherein the “father figure” also possesses significant power. It’s hard to imagine whether they’d serve as the heroes or villains in this scenario. Truly, it could go either way and still make for an interesting concept.

The cube is The Sparrow Academy version of Five

We don’t actually have any verified information on the mysterious cube other than that it’s one of the seven children. However, that’s not going to stop us from exercising our imaginations. Twitter user @umbrellatattoo posed an interesting theory that the cube is able to teleport in a manner similar to Five. Rather than jumping across time, though, it may be capable of transcending dimensions. If the concept of experimental academies holds true, it’s possible that the cube triggered an event that led to Hargreeves’ hesitation toward allowing Five to time-jump.

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Gerard Way may be making a cameo

There’s got to be a deliberate intention behind the ambiguity of the cube’s casting, right? The showrunners have already confirmed that it will have a voice, so someone’s got to be behind it. Unsurprisingly, eyes are already shifting to the series co-creator, Gerard Way who thus far has only had a series Easter egg. The recognizable voice of the My Chemical Romance frontman would make for a rather significant cameo, so it would make sense to keep it under wraps.

The cube is Harlan

This one could debatably hold up, even in the context of the last theory. Given that Harlan has only been cast as a child so far, Way could certainly play his adult form. More significantly, though, it’s been theorized that he could appear in the form of the cube. While we love the concept, there are two key hindrances. For one, the cube’s name is Christopher. Second, Harlan wasn’t born with the rest of the superhero children in 1989. Given Hargreeves’ propensity for secrets, though, it's possible that he “adopted” the cube under suspect circumstances. 

The Sparrow Academy yields The Handler

We don’t know much about The Handler’s history. However, if an idea posed by Redditor Darth_Travisty proves to be true, that may change in season 3. This theory proposes that The Handler may have been one of the 43 babies born in 1989. After all, we already know that she possesses strong powers, such as the ability to stop time. If this is the case, then her younger self could very well turn out to be a member of The Sparrow Academy.

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Harlan is the source of The Sparrow Academy’s powers

We’re still in the dark regarding the exact nature of the births behind The Umbrella Academy. However, as Reddit user Gef89 points out, an event caused by Harlan’s derived abilities may very well be the driving factor behind the births and power dissemination. This could therefore lead to the creation of The Sparrow Academy—and potentially The Umbrella Academy as well. Harlan’s telekinetic demonstration in the season 2 finale, during which he lifts a wooden bird, may further evidence this theory.