Supernatural is one of television’s most beloved and longest-running shows. The 15th and final season was delayed back in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it was recently announced that stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) returned to set to finish filming the final two episodes. Now, the final episodes are kicking off on The CW beginning Oct. 8.

When audiences last saw the Winchester brothers in the episode “Destiny’s Child,” they, along with Jack, Castiel and Billie (Death), were working to find a way to stop Chuck from ending their universe. They were looking for an object called the Occultum, which they were told could help destroy Chuck. After meeting alternative versions of themselves, Castiel battling The Shadow, the return of Ruby and Jack getting transported to the Garden of Eden, the brothers were shocked to find that Jack likely got his soul back. 

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There are only seven more episodes of the series left. Fans have been speculating all quarantine long about what will happen to everyone’s favorite hunters. Here are five theories on how it could all end. 

It was all a dream

Remember the season 3 episode “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” where the boys meet a man named Jeremy Frost who uses African dream root to enter people’s dreams? In the episode, the brothers take the potion to save Bobby from a coma because of the dream root. They’re all faced with their own nightmares, but ultimately the duo defeat Frost and wake up—or do they? This fan theory suggests that everything that’s happened in the Winchesters’ lives since then has been their best dreams and worst nightmares as they are still asleep from the dream root. While this is an intriguing theory, it’s probably the most unsatisfying ending to the epic saga that is Supernatural. As one fan said in response to this theory “‘It was a dream all along’ is one of the laziest tryhard plot twists in the history of writing.”

Jack becomes God 2.0

After teasing the fact that Jack had not actually been killed by Chuck at the end of season 14, Supernatural brought Jack back (not just his body but also his, well, soullessness?) in season 15, episode 11, “The Gamblers.” After he’s tracked down by Castiel, Jack is brought back to the bunker, and the brothers and their allies reunite. Jack explains (and fans find out earlier in the episode) that he had been eating the hearts of the Grigori, angels who eat the souls of the living. He says he’s been following Billie’s plan, which could be to pump the nephilim up with magical steroids to make him strong enough to not only kill Chuck but to assume his position as well. We know that if God is killed, the balance of the universe will be severely off, so having Jack take his place makes sense. Will Amara retaliate if the boys or her nephew tries to kill her brother? 

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The end—for everyone

At this point, dying in the Supernatural universe is a bit of a rite of passage. The boys, Castiel and Jack have all died enough times that it’s hard to believe that it could be permanent. However, this fan theory posits that everyone dies in the end. It suggests they all end up together in heaven, reunited with John, Mary, Bobby, Ellen, Jo and their other allies. Not only have fans thought about the theory, but even some of the cast has stated they think it would be fitting for the brothers to pass in this way. Showrunner Andrew Dabb said the show’s finale is something that’s “surprising but in hindsight inevitable.” Could the brothers Winchester sacrificing themselves for the world or loved ones be the inevitability Dabb is talking about? 

The boys are already dead

Similar to the African dream root theory but arguably much more powerful, this theory proposes that the duo are already dead and are actually living out their own version of heaven. Both brothers have died numerous times in the show, from hellhounds to other hunters and the stress of magical trials. Given that their constant solution to their perpetual big-bad dealings is to take on another case, it would make sense that the brothers’ love what they do and even find some people in it. Additionally, it also works out given that they tend to be at their happiest when they’re fighting side by side with each other and with Castiel and Jack. 

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Death smites Chuck—and Amara

When the character of Death was first introduced (in one of the best character intros in modern TV history), he told Dean that he was old, potentially “as old as God,” and that “at the end, [he’ll] reap Him, too.” Though Death was reaped by Dean himself at the end of season 10, Billie assumed the role as the head reaper in charge, making her Death. So, there’s Death, who has the power to kill the “light” and “the darkness,” God and Amara. However, as CBR notes, “If they die, so does everything else.” Except Death, of course. Could Billie be preparing Jack to take over as God to maintain the world’s balance after she smites Chuck? Or is she up to something more sinister? We know that she and The Shadow (the ruler of The Empty, a place where demons, angels, nephilim and the like go when they die) are tenuous allies. For its part, The Shadow has stated its desire—it just wants to go back to sleep. This fan theory suggests that The Shadow and Billie have teamed up to end it all.