Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. Hell, everybody loves a bad conspiracy theory, as well. Simply because the more over the top, the harder the punchline. It's all good fun. Especially if you're talking about serious deep-state, rock conspiracy theories. (Actually, feel free to use the term "legends" as it might be applicable to everything we're talking about.)

Rock music is filled with tall tales, rumors and insidious theories. Like the one guy who you thought was dead and buried, but is living somewhere in Africa. Or the girl-fronted band who were purportedly once acolytes of Charles Manson. Know the one about the rock star who isn't really fond of girls, but always seems to have a few by his side? (That was a big deal back then, friends.) We're not sending links to those. We're not paying for a law firm's Netflix fees for the next 20 years. How many times do we use "smear" as a default setting when maybe somebody just got lucky? Because six-stringed Satanist is cooler than, say, industry plant.

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Our rock conspiracy theories video is filled with new twists on old stories. Same characters, different outcomes. Post-hardcore dudes pledging to the Illuminati. The sad rocker who predicted the death of beloved royalty. We also have one interstellar talent who knows more than most of us about what's out there. Hope he doesn't get too close to the President. You totally know how that goes.

We're down with every crazy rock conspiracy you've got. Let's hear them below. You're stuck inside and you may have had too much to think. And we are down to have your voice be heard. Oh, and shout to Rivers Cuomo for writing one of our favorite songs, "Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter."