These "ear-free" headphones allow you to hear music through your skull

StudioBananaThings’ BATBAND may mark the end of in-ear headphones. The “ear-free” device allows you to hear music through your skull, therefore permitting your ears to be more aware of your surroundings, (via ConsequenceOfSound).

“BATBAND [is] the first hi-fidelity, bone conduction headphone,” offers BATBAND’s Kickstarter promo video, which you can watch below. “A truly groundbreaking product [that] makes your social life-scape compatible with your private soundscapes. Place it around the back of your head, pair it to [a] mobile device and enjoy the sound like never before.”  

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The device not only allows you to listen to music, but send and receive phone calls as well.

While the BATBAND will be going to market with a retail price of $250, you can pre-order the futuristic gadget for less over at StudioBananaThings’ Kickstarter.