Doppler Labs have revealed their newest project, Here Active Listening System, an in-ear device that allows the user to control how they hear their surroundings. Rolling Stone reports that Quincy Jones and composer Hans Zimmer have signed on to the endeavor, with the artists acting as both advisor and investor. 

The new Active Listening System allows its user to change the EQ, or equalization, of wherever they're located, utilize Real World Volume Control, and even tinker with sound effects, including reverb and vinyl crackle. In other words, you can finally turn down the volume of that crying baby next to you on a plane and turn up your favorite tunes. 

"Our hope is that Here will open up a new paradigm for the concert experience and for live listening," Doppler Labs co-founder and CEO Noah Kraft told Rolling Stone. "Here has the potential to make every seat in the house the best seat in the house, from an audio perspective. You will be able to dial-in the perfect EQ for your environment, but also, as we build the Here platform, Doppler Labs will be able to recommend the perfect volume, EQ and effects for any given section based on your own historical audio preferences and the acoustics of that specific room."

In an attempt to raise additional funds for the Active Listening System, Doppler Labs launched a Kickstarter with hopes to collect $250,000 by July 1. Rolling Stone states that those who support the project will receive their pair of Here earbuds before anyone else. 

Composer Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, The Lion King, Inception) discusses the future of the audio experience in the video below.