Subculture customs—like fuel prices and the release dates of your favorite bands' records— are always subject to change. And nothing bears that out more than our video of things scene kids in the 2000s did that no one would do today. When creating this video, we were more amused than unhappily nostalgic. There wasn't anything featured here that made us feel wistful or belligerent for its return. (Except maybe for... sorry, no spoilers here.)

What's really interesting is how benign a lot of these things really are. Historically, boring "normal" people are always the first ones to jump to negative conclusions. As if every dude with the long stringy hair in the late-60s never went on to be a major medical researcher in the '70s. We remember getting emails from 2000s scene kids relaying some of the bullshit they endured. Like dullards linking a particular hairstyle to a psychiatric disorder or being worthy of a beatdown.

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That's the beauty of hindsight. You can see how awkward you were and how far you've come. Some things mentioned here will certainly be familiar to 2000s scene kids starting their careers—or still trying to get their bands signed. Piercings, tats and trashed jeans will always reign supreme. Other looks, not so much. (Joke time: Why are scene kids lousy at martial arts? They can never get past the white belt. Thank you, please hold your applause until after you watch the video.) But it's not all about hair, makeup and clothes. This was also the decade of personal devices and the nascent concept of social media.

Let us know in the comments what trends you think need rebooted or kicked to the curb forever. Better yet, come up with something new. Because the ground floor holds more. Seriously though, ringtones?