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This controversial theme in ‘AHS’ season 6 almost didn’t happen

American Horror Story: Roanoke marked the departure of the show’s typical format when it aired in 2011. However, it turns out that the controversial theme for the sixth season was almost completely different.

Frequent Ryan Murphy collaborator Cheyenne Jackson has revealed just what season 6 was going to be about and the theme may surprise some of you.

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While we wait for the filming of season 10 to wrap, American Horror Story fans are being treated to some behind-the-scenes secrets about Roanoke. As we all remember, season 6 revolved around the past and present of Roanoke, a lost colony based on an urban legend.

Along with a new theme, Roanoke introduced a completely new format to AHS viewers. The first half of season 6 acted as a documentary, following a couple as they captured unexplained experiences in their new home. Then, the second half of Roanoke came together in real-time as the footage from the horrific documentary was discovered.

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Roanoke was a game-changing season for the American Horror Story anthology. However, as Jackson shares, season 6 was almost about something completely different. Jackson tells the Gay Times that Roanoke was originally going to be about the U.S. Civil War.

Jackson says that Nicole Kidman‘s The Others was a source of inspiration for the original season 6 theme. The film is also set around the Civil War but is more of a ghost story than a historical period piece.

Matt Bomer, me, and Finn Wittrock were going to be brothers, which is funny, because there’s that meme of us where people think we all look exactly the same. Ryan said, ‘Yeah, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a Civil War thing.’ He pitched it to us and that’s what we were all gearing up for. Then, it turned into something totally different.”

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Although Roanoke remains one of the most controversial seasons yet, it looks like season 10 may give it a run for its money. Sarah Paulson previously confirmed that filming for the new season is currently underway following various delays. As well, it’s possible that a controversial plot from a previous season may make a return for season 10.

Joining Paulson for season 10 are Evan PetersKathy BatesLeslie GrossmanBillie LourdAdina PorterLily RabeAngelica Ross and Finn Wittrock. Macaulay Culkin will also be joining as an AHS newcomer.

There is no word yet on if Emma Roberts will be making an appearance in the new season. Roberts recently announced that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. As well, Lourd welcomed her first child with her fiance Austen Rydell back in September. The couple decided to name their son in honor of Lourd’s late mother and legendary actress Carrie Fisher.

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