Yellowcard Angels and Airwaves Ocean Avenue cover
[Photos via Angels and Airwaves/Caleb Mallery, Yellowcard/Spotify]

This is what it would sound like if Angels & Airwaves made “Ocean Avenue”

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Yellowcard’s classic “Ocean Avenue” was actually by a completely different band? Odds are, probably not. However, this new cover may cause you to ask this type of question more often.

This past week, YouTuber Alex Melton finally showed us what it would sound like if “Ocean Avenue” was performed by Angels and Airwaves.

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In case you missed it, Yellowcard’s William Ryan Key recently performed a new rendition of “Ocean Avenue” on his Patreon. Now, it looks like a fellow Yellowcard fan is treating listeners to another version of the iconic song this week.

YouTuber Alex Melton decided to reimagine the 2003 hit into something many of us didn’t think was possible. Now, thanks to his cover, we finally know what it would sound like if Angels And Airwaves performed “Ocean Avenue.”

For the cover, Melton alters his voice to include those distinct Tom DeLonge vocal details we are all so familiar with. As well, the “Ocean Avenue” performance features dreamy guitar riffs and rock-heavy percussion reminiscent of Angels and Airwaves’ sound. In the end, Melton’s cover truly showcases what it would sound like if “Ocean Avenue” was an Angels and Airwaves song while still keeping the track’s nostalgic details intact.

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Fortunately, Melton has done quite a few covers in this style before. Earlier this month, he shared a cover of “Last Christmas” if Four Year Strong performed it. Additionally, he’s also posted a pop-punk version of Taylor Swift’s “the 1” and an emo version of “cardigan,” both off of folklore.

Alex Melton joins a slew of other musicians who have reimagined some of Taylor Swift’s new songs. This past week, a TikTok video of a “bettycover went viral. The cover reimagined the folklore song into an ultimate pop-punk hit.

Melton’s covers of “Last Christmas,” “cardigan” and “the 1” are available to stream below.

What are your reactions to Alex Melton’s cover of “Ocean Avenue”? Which cover video did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below.