Although Myspace hasn't really gone anywhere, we still find ourselves reminiscing about the good old days spent arranging our Top 8, figuring out HTML coding and deciding which My Chemical Romance song we wanted on our profiles.

Now, it looks like one social media platform is truly bringing back everything we miss about mid-2000s Myspace.

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An, a student developer, decided 2020 needed some nostalgia. The 18-year-old student recently launched SpaceHey, a new networking platform that is truly a mid-2000s Myspace clone.

Those that sign up for SpaceHey are taken back to the Myspace days we remember all too well. You can create your own profile page equipped with status updates, a personal blog and list of hobbies. Of course, you can even customize your profile to have all of the glitter gifs your heart desires.

“I was always really interested in the ‘old days’ of the internet—I really like the feel of ‘old’ websites,” An told Fast Company. “I watched a lot of videos about MySpace and looked at a ton of screenshots and pages, and I came to the conclusion that you can’t find something like this kind of social site nowadays anymore.”

SpaceHey really doesn't shy away from re-creating some of Myspace's distinct details. The social media platform profile pages are pretty much identical to how they looked in the mid-2000s. As well, as a nod to Myspace creator Tom Anderson, An automatically befriends anyone that signs up.

Myspace SpaceHey-min

[Photo via SpaceHey][/caption]

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SpaceHey encourages its users to customize profiles using basic HTML tags or inline CSS. The latter lets users incorporate custom fonts and background images on their profiles. This is particularly refreshing seeing as platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook don't let users customize their profiles.

An officially announced SpaceHey on Product Hunt. Since the news, An has befriended nearly 10,000 individuals on the new platform. Of course, given the similarities between Myspace and SpaceHey, it won't be too surprising if An is forced to take down or change the platform in the near future.

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What are your reactions to SpaceHey basically being a clone of mid-2000s Myspace? Are you going to make a profile? Let us know in the comments below.