Over the years, Corey Taylor has shown off his versatility in music with Slipknot, Stone Sour and his own solo music. As well, he's ventured into the world of literature and cinema with his numerous books and on-screen roles.

Now, it looks like Taylor wants to focus more on what goes on behind the screen. During a recent interview, he revealed that he has written five new film scripts, one of which is all about zombies.

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Shortly after the release of his solo album CMFT, Taylor explained that his future plans include hitting the road with Slipknot, touring on his solo music, recording Slipknot's next album and even writing his next book. While juggling all of this, he is also pushing to get one of his new scripts made into a movie.

During a recent interview with 105.5 WDHA, Taylor shares that he has no desire to star in a new film anytime soon. Instead, he would rather focus on what goes on behind the screen while taking on a smaller role.

"I've done some movies, I've done a handful of them," he says. "Honestly, it's something that would probably make more sense after I'm off the road, which, ironically, here we are. I've done a couple of things, and, obviously, with any script that I write, I'll probably take a little, smaller role and kind of give it to myself."

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He goes on to say that his script for Zombie Versus Ninja is one he is pushing to get made right now. However, there are a lot of moving pieces involved to make that happen.

"It's definitely what I'm doing with the script that I'm shopping right now, which is called Zombie Versus Ninja, and it's exactly what [the title] implies," he continues. "And it's rad. I'm shopping that right now with a group of people who have actually helped me kind of tighten the script up. They've got the contacts. We're kind of doing that right now. But there's a couple of roles in there that I'll probably mess with. They're not the main roles, but they're just kind of tucked in the background, and people will go, 'Oh. Hey.' So it's stuff like that that interests me."

Taylor has appeared in various films over the years including 2020's Bad Candy and 2016's Sharknado 4. As well, late last year, Corey landed a role in the upcoming horror film Rucker which has recently wrapped production. Despite his on-screen career, Taylor finds writing film scripts far more intriguing.

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"Actually, I have no real interest in a big movie role," he says. "To me, the interesting part is writing the story. The interesting part, for me, is creating the world, and then watching people kind of make that world a reality. That's what I wanna see. I always said one of my goals was to see a movie through soup to nuts — from script to pre-pro to post to the screen."

Back in 2019, we learned that Taylor also has a new horror film in the works. According to Daily Dead, Taylor is reportedly directing the movie himself and has hired Tom Savini and his team for special effects.

“I am thrilled that we are able to finally start slowly talking about the fact that Tom and I are going to be involved with the new Corey Taylor new horror movie," Tom Savini Studio's Jason Baker said. "And that we will be handling the special makeup effects for it. We’re not allowed to talk about plot details or titles or anything like that right now, but I will say that the script is totally f–ked up, Corey’s got some really sick things planned for this, and I’m super excited to be a part of it.”

What are your reactions to Corey Taylor writing five new film scripts? Are you most excited to see his zombie or horror movie film get made? Let us know in the comments below.