The folks behind Saent know what it is like to have productivity hindered by various aspects of the workplace. That’s why they’ve invented a solution to keep productivity levels high, and distraction levels nonexistent.

Saent is a Bluetooth-connected button that mutes your apps, creating a distraction-free work environment. We’ve all been taken off course from something on the internet before—this eliminates that possibility. The user can preprogram an amount of time that they want their previously selected apps to be muted, creating the ideal atmosphere to get work completed.

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Other features come with Saent as well, such as one-touch swipe techniques. "These will enable time-saving shortcuts to existing productivity apps (for example, swipe to open your calendar, or double tap to mark a task as complete)," writes co-founder Tim Metz, (via Fast Co. Design).

Saent is available for pre-order at $75 for a double-pack. More pictures can be found below.

[Photos via Saent]