As if the My Chemical Romance reunion wasn’t enough to get our emo hearts beating this morning, this New Jersey teen showed up to her prom in a hearse and wooden coffin, and we are getting all the MCR-vibes. (via

Check out the photos below!

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Let’s not ignore the fact that her New Jersey location is all to relevant, but she actually tells that she arrived in a hearse because she wants to be a funeral director after college. And although her brother also took the hearse to prom, he didn’t make a grand entrance in a coffin.

But she does clarify: "I made sure my prom date was OK with it.”

Check out the video below:

And while we do think she looked drop dead gorgeous, we do agree that a “Helena”-inspired dress would have only been fitting.

All we can say is so long, and we hope they had a good night.

What are your thoughts on the hearse and coffin arrival? Let us know in the comments below!

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