[Photo credit: WFSB]

One kid has found an immediate—and perfect—solution to prevent bullies from stuffing you in lockers: Turn one into a soda vending machine.

Yes—this Kansas high school student actually turned his locker into a soda vending machine, and he's our hero.

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The high schooler's name is Blake Hawkins—he's, according to WLOX, Valley Center High School's student body president and loves to build things.

He aptly titled his thirst-quenching creation the Soda Locker, delivering two choices of soda for just 75 cents. When an assistant principal found out, the administrator quickly Snapchatted the Soda Locker to his friends.

Unfortunately, because it violated school rules, whiz-kid Hawkins had to shut down his ingenious operation. However, he is working with the school to develop something new off the idea, so he can donate the funds back into the school.

Hawkins also entered the Soda Locker into a competition and posted a photo of it on Imgur, where he got 500,000 views in one day. The high school senior intends to study electrical engineering in college and own his own business.

So, next question: Can he market this now, please?