This spherical camera takes 360 degree pictures

Jonas Pfeil’s Panono camera is changing the way people look at 360 degree photography. Funded through a successful IndieGoGo campaign, the Panono further itself from the competition with a signature twist: When thrown upward, you are able to capture photo when eh device reaches its highest point. 

[Photo cred: Miles Goscha]

In September, the long-awaited camera will finally ship out to those who backed its campaign.

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As Mashable writes: 

The 360-degree images it captures will technically be 108-megapixel photos—stitched together from the array of 3-megapixel lenses that dot the exterior of the ball.  

“There are other panoramic cameras, but they all do lower than 20 megapixels,” says Pfeil. “That's not a useful resolution for panoramas. You want to see people's faces at 10 feet.”

Despite boasting 16 gigabytes of standard storage, the large file size of each picture taken will fill up that space faster than one might imagine. While only able to hold around 600 images, capability of connecting to cloud storage makes space far less of an issue.

For those looking to purchase, the Explorer Edition of the Panono will run $1,499.

You can watch an assembly video below.