With a name like This Wild Life, our dearest Kevin and Anthony were certain to run into this goofy pun at some point. What better time to indulge in it than while they're on the AP tour? 

Host Stevie James guides the duo through something of a visual safari, testing just how much they know about marsupials, lizards and even some mythical creatures. Plus, we learn how they came to select their band name. 

Stay tuned for This Wild Life's AP Tour update this week, wherein we learn why Kevin Jordan decided to steal Derek Sanders' boots. 


Host: Stevie James

Video/Editing: Bobby Makar

Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt



11/17  The Aztec Theatre - San Antonio, TX

11/18  House of Blues - Houston, TX

11/20  House of Blues - Dallas, TX

11/21  Emo’s - Austin, TX

11/22  House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

11/24  The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

11/25  House of Blues - Orlando, FL