Sure, musical shows already exist: just look at Vinyl, Flight Of The Concords, The Get Down, Roadies, or The Might Boosh, to name a few. But the thing is, the women are always groupies, roadies, singing girl-group femmes or facilitators for the guys. And that’s where Venus Flytrap comes in.

It’s a new musical comedy web series that follows a band of young women “intent on grabbing rock and roll by the balls in the land of Trumpistan.” And they’re looking for support to make it happen.

Read more about it—and catch a teaser trailer—below!

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The show follows the punk feminist band Venus Flytrap on their attempts to disrupt the entertainment status quo with through comedy, anarchy, music and irreverence.

The band are inspired by the women artists of the late 1970s and 1980s, a time when suffragettes flocked to NYC. Venus Flytrap are resurrecting this protesting spirit through music while navigating a world of dysfunctional families, sexualities, rival bands, managers and lovers who are all trying to influence their style and image.

Female icons Margaret Cho, Lydia Lunch and Asia Argento will be staring, alongside legendary band-breaker Nic Harcourt.

Creator Adele Bertei says: I created Venus Flytrap as a feminist roar against male-dominated rock series, and I'm thrilled that it has now attracted such an amazing cast. Every person is perfect for their prospective role, and I know all will elevate the comedy, defiance and music of this series to its ultimate expression. It's also a fantastic opportunity to have younger musicians meet their idols; the women from the 70s 80s and 90s who truly broke new ground in music and art internationally.”

Their goal is to initially raise $50,000 on their Indiegogo campaign to make the first five episodes a reality.

You can back the Indiegogo project here, and check out the trailer below:

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