Live concerts of any genre continue to be one of the most popular means of entertainment. However, prices are more expensive than ever before. Not only can tickets for major acts as well as big festivals be quite astronomical to begin with, but then when you tack on service charges, it gets even worse. These fees that you receive make ticketing companies millions of dollars each year.

Whether they're called buyer fees, connection fees, or just service charges, the percent that you pay varies depending on which retailer that you use to buy your tickets. When you add up delivery fees as well, suddenly a concert ticket that seemed relatively cheap is now steeped in extra costs that may turn some concertgoers away. Unfortunately, because it makes so much money for ticket retailers, it doesn't appear that the secondary market will dry up anytime soon. That can leave concertgoers with empty pockets and disappointment when their favorite band comes by but they can't afford to go.

You wish that there was something you could do about it. This is where the TourBeat’s TourPass comes in. This doesn't charge you any service fees at all no matter how many tickets you buy for a concert. With a TourPass membership, you don't get to enjoy this perk just once, but rather each and every time that you buy tickets for a show throughout the year.

You can also find cheaper tickets through TourBeat than if you bought them directly from major ticket retailers. Research finds that if your ticket total is about $90 on eBay, you may get a six percent service charge, but if your tickets cost $85 on StubHub, you're charged at 15 percent. That's a huge discrepancy.

TourBeat is a useful way of managing your favorite bands and artists rather than visiting each act's website or Facebook page. Besides that, it's also a ticket aggregator. If you were to consider buying from eBay or StubHub, you'd have to open both sites at once and compare and contrast prices to find the best deal. TourBeat collects all available tickets for your favorite artist and displays prices conveniently on one page, making the buying process quick, easy, and affordable.

Having extra money in your pocket for entertainment is always nice, but it doesn't happen often because of service charges. With the lack of service charges through TourPass, you can afford to go to these other events. When using TourBeat, all transactions occur on a SSL server that's plenty safe. Even if you have pretty obscure tastes and only like bands that a few people have heard of, TourBeat probably has tickets for your new favorite act.

Seeing your favorite act live on the stage is an unforgettable experience. Whether you're into Katy Perry or Pearl Jam, Rita Ora or the Rolling Stones, live music brings strangers together and makes you all friends for just one night. The expense and hassle of buying tickets is always worth it in the end, but if you can reduce that hassle and avoid paying a service charge, why wouldn't you? Next time there's a show in your area, give TourBeat’s TourPass a try.