The tragically hilarious story of Threatin has been a rollercoaster to follow, but it's not quite done yet.

Apparently, guitarist Joe Prunera, drummer Dane Davis and Davis‘ mother filed lawsuits against band leader Jered Eames and his wife Kelsey and won by default.

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Records show Prunera was awarded $10,000 plus $250 in court fees for losses including wages, travel costs, instruments and more. Dane received a total of $3,975.29.

The elder Davis filed suit against Eames for expenses she incurred flying to see her son play as well as an unexpected plane ticket home for her son. She was awarded $4,035.66.

Both Jered and Kelsey failed to show up to court resulting in the default verdict on April 8. Neither person has responded to notices of the claims and were eventually served in person in March.

The couple has apparently not responded in any way regarding the verdicts. The three victims are looking into potentially garnishing wages or freezing assets of the pair to obtain the funds they're owed.

The band went viral following stories of faking their fanbase in order to score a European tour. The situation became worse after the first round of reporting as the live members left mid-tour.

Later, Jered admitted to faking his band's fanbase but tried to play it off as his own hoax. Now, he's looking to bring the band back in November for a show at the Underworld in London on November 1. The band's Facebook page posted a call for a touring guitarist to perform at that show.

What do you think of the latest Threatin news? Would you go see them play live with a new lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

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