That's right: Three Days Grace are officially back, announcing their new album, Outsider, along with their new song "The Mountain."

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Outsider is the band's sixth full-length album and follows 2015's Human. "To me, Outsider represents the journey to find your place," bassist Brad Walst says.

"The world feels crazy at times. We try to get away from that every once in a while. We do our own thing, and we’re comfortable doing it. We have always looked forward—and not backwards. That’s an ongoing theme."

The band retreated to write this record, and they expanded their "signature electronic palette," nodding to influences including "Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Bring Me The Horizon, Lana Del Rey, and a surprising cult classic, the movie Lost Boys."

Listen to "The Mountain" below:

Preorder Outsider, due out Mar. 9, here.