"Thrice never disbanded"—Dustin Kensrue talks the band's hiatus, God and his new solo album

On the latest episode of the BadChristian Podcast, Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue tackled the topic of Thrice and their return from hiatus, saying, “Thrice never disbanded, I tried to be super clear about it, like this is an actual hiatus.” He later went on to spew some details about the band's itinerary for 2015, claiming, “We're gonna' be—at the least—playing some shows this year.”

Thrice have already been confirmed for both Amnesia Rockfest and Skate And Surf Festival.

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Throughout the rest of the episode, Kensrue touches on his upcoming solo album, Carry The Fire, his resignation from Christian mega-church Mars Hill and the relationship between faith and art. You can listen to it in full over at BadChristian's official website, with the interview beginning around the 38:00 mark.

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