Orange County, California, heavyweights Throwdown have returned with a true throwback of an album. Gone are the bloated song lengths and Ozzfest-thirsty moments. Intolerance picks up where 2005’s groove-metal-leaning, hardcore-based Vendetta left off—only at the band’s current abilities, which have never been stronger. Frontman Dave Peters is still pissed, and he may as well have recorded his vocals in Phil Anselmo’s lower intestine. He snaps off the leash like a hellhound in the opener “Fight Or Die,” while “Borrowed Time” infuses a pile of ’core chugs, sliding up the fretboard to twisted notes and crossover appeal to the max. Solos are slashed, with the few survivors appropriately doused in more sludge than the Toxic Avenger. Edge or not, you’ll headbang to upheld convictions (“I avow to this straight edge”) because you know an all-inclusive “Burn in the fire of my intolerance!” will soon invite you to the pit.


“Borrowed Time”