Post-hardcore icons Thursday have teased a huge roll of GPS coordinates for next year. Are the beloved band led by indie Renaissance man Geoff Rickly planning a tour for 2019? Sure looks that way! Below, see the full list of positions.

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The revered outfit got back together in 2016 after a split following their sixth album
No DevoluciónFull CollapseWar All The Time

A U.S. tour would make sense, seeing as how the listed positions have already been sussed out by some smart Thursday fans. And the band are currently playing some shows based around Full Collapse and War All The Time material.

And, speaking of Thursday's reunion two years ago, Rickly told AP about the band's continued influence on the underground scene, recalling the lure of mainstream markets for smaller bands who would otherwise follow a different sound.

"I feel like maybe part of the the reason Thursday is so relevant and pure is because there was this radio rush and the smart kids stopped making post-hardcore," explained the frontman. "There aren't that many great post-hardcore bands who came in the wake of Thursday doing this stuff. I think that's why Thursday still stands up: There wasn't a lot of great innovation in the wake of the band."

Are you stoked to see the big Thursday reveal tomorrow morning? What's your favorite song by the band? Do you hope to catch Thursday on tour at some point in 2019? We sure can't wait for tomorrow's announcement. How long is the night?

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