[Photos by: Cardi B/Facebook, Geoff Rickly/Keeahtay Lewis]

In a new interview, Cardi B shared how much she'll be making at Coachella. Hint? It's not a lot—and Thursday's Geoff Rickly isn't totally cool with it. (And neither are we.)

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The rap icon just released her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy, and although she's one of the biggest names in pop culture at the moment, she'll only be making $70,000 each weekend.

While that might sound like a lot to the average person, it really isn't that much. Especially when you consider she's spending nearly $300,000 on her stage set.

"I have to invest so much of my own money that I have to go to Wells Fargo and write a check, that's crazy," Cardi shares. "It's an investment."

She explains that she was booked around six months ago, and though she wasn't as big of a draw back then, she did still have her hit single "Bodak Yellow." 

And Rickly agrees. "Just trust me: She should be getting high 6 figs—at the very least—for the two weekends," he shares. "I know 'she'll be fine' but she deserves a lot more!"

Hear her interview in full below: