Whether you believe that Area 51 is hiding boatloads of aliens behind their walls or have come to the conclusion that Miley Cyrus is a full-blown lizard person, conspiracy theories are everywhere.

There are many theories such as these across the internet on the likes of Reddit boards, YouTube pages and, now, TikTok accounts. While many sites have ventured into the "real" ways in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated and debunking the fraudulent and dangerous widespread QAnon theories, Alternative Press is sharing some of the most interesting music conspiracies found on TikTok.

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Get those tinfoil hats on and let's begin!

The Taylor Swift theory about the Illuminati

We have now entered the Illuminati portion of this conspiracy theory list. Some theorize that Taylor Swift has shown signs of being in the elite club when she sported a red dress after being interrupted by Kanye West the infamous 2009 VMAs and used dark symbols on her Reputation album cover. User Mehnaz Shariff also theorizes that Swift could be the priestess of the satanic church.

X Factor UK ruined a contestant's audition on purpose

This TikTok has blown up on the site, sharing the crazy story of Zoe Alexander, a contestant on The X Factor UK. The 22-year-old P!nk impersonator was hoping to audition as Zoe, but producers reportedly insisted she should sing a P!nk song. When the judges weren't satisfied with her cover, they gave her the chance to perform another song. The coordinators backstage played the background music in the wrong key. Many believe the show actively hurt Alexander's chances of making it in the show and set her up to be laughed at. You can check out Alexander's account to see how she actually sounds.

The theory that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain

Fans of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain have strong opinions about the lead singer's death. Though there are no criminal charges against his wife, Courtney Love, many suspect that she had something to do with Cobain's apparent suicide. Autopsies reveal he had a lot of drugs in his body at the time of death, which didn't make sense to certain investigators. Ian Halperin and Max Wallace even wrote a book titled Love And Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain. Other factors, such as theories about Love knowing the pair may have been getting divorced, also sway people to believe she had a hand in his death.

Avril Lavigne isn't who she says she is

If you've followed Avril Lavigne for a while, you may be familiar with this one. A group of fans theorized that Lavigne was actually replaced with a clone named Melissa in 2003. Theorists claim that the "new Lavigne" has different facial features and makes significantly different style choices. On the off chance that we've been looking at a clone for almost 20 years, Melissa has been doing great!

Katy Perry sold her soul

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TikTok user Olivia Opara has a large following for her conspiracy videos surrounding pop culture. In this particular video, she touches on Katy Perry and how the singer once claimed in an interview that she "sold [her] soul to the devil." The TikTok user also showcased possible satanic symbols that appear in her music videos, including flashing the Illuminati sign.

Paul McCartney died a while ago

There are several conspiracies about the Beatles online, especially those surrounding John Lennon's life and assassination. However, Paul McCartney has a myriad of conspiracy theories that follow him to this day, including the belief that he died years ago. Some say they saw McCartney die in a car crash following a heated debate in a recording session. The Beatles estate also held a "Paul McCartney lookalike contest" around this time. The winner, Billy Shears, disappeared, and many believe it's because he's acting as McCartney now.

MCR helped inspire Fifty Shades Of Grey

If you trace back the origins of My Chemical Romance, the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City do come to mind as Gerard Way saw them firsthand and was inspired to create. It's also known that MCR inspired the Twilight franchise, which inspired Fifty Shades Of Grey. So, does this mean that alternative's most famous act are indirectly responsible for the world's most famous BDSM trilogy?

Marilyn Manson gets bad luck from a bear

Lee Howard is the artist behind Quiet Room Bears, teddy bears that he creates into creepy pieces of horror art by adding blood, teeth, human fingers and much more. He once gave one of these Quiet Room Bears to none other than Marilyn Manson. It's said in the film Quiet Room Bears that these creepy creatures give bad luck to those who possess them. Two weeks after Manson received the gift, he had to cut his show short due to medical issues. The artist still wonders if his gift of a Quiet Room Bear gave Manson bad luck.

And finally...the correct way to say blink-182

Truly, we may never know the "right way" to say it. Though, we do know that blink-182 should never, ever be pronounced "one eight two."

Do you have a favorite music-related conspiracy theory? Sound off in the comments below!