If you've been recently active on TikTok, you may have noticed a cryptic trend going around. For months, TikTokers have been talking about Aug. 27, hinting that the date could be doomsday or lead to a significant event.

Now, the reason why the TikTok trend began has been revealed. As well, TikTok has launched new "not going anywhere" merch items just hours before the CEO quit.

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TikTokers have been posting videos on the platform warning viewers about Aug. 27. However, no one really knew why the date was so important. Of course, the trend quickly took off on TikTok and other social media platforms as a popular meme. For many, they came up with their own interpretations of what could possibly happen on Aug. 27.

The Simpsons predictedDonald TrumpSimpsons

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Other TikTokers began to spread the trend like wildfire, adding more interpretations to it. Some said to pay attention to certain colors and numbers while others said good energy is in store on Aug. 27.

@ashleymateoofficial♬ Original Sound - Unknown

The trend also eventually started using music from the horror web series Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Using sounds from the 2014 video "TIME," which is about the concept of time, TikTokers began looking deep into the psychological meaning of the song and how it pertains to current times.

@biggern♬ Original Sound - Unknown

Now, it looks like the possible source for the Aug. 27 trend has been revealed. TikTok user @stfusamantha was one of the first to post about the trend. The video simply says, "If this is on your FYP... Congratulations. You've been chosen. Remember the date August 27. It's important."

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Since its release, it has been one of the most popular videos pertaining to the Aug. 27 trend with 1.3 million likes. However, some users say that they encountered this video after several other Aug. 27 videos. So, it is unclear if this is the true first video that started the trend.

@stfusamantha♬ Such a wh0re slowed - billie.is.my_wife

Then, on Aug. 27, @stfusamantha posted another video explaining the date. According to her, nothing particularly out of the ordinary is going to happen.

"So I only have a minute but I wanted to do a little more explaining about August 27," she says. "It's literally just supposed to be a day the universe [and] the energy is supposed to be higher and is supposed to manifest good things, good things are gonna happen. I don't know why so many people thought I was like predicting the future like I knew something was gonna happen. That's your fault for believing everything you see on the internet."

@stfusamantha:)♬ original sound - stfusamantha

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Although the trend may not actually mean anything, Aug. 27 has become an important date for TikTok. On Thursday, the platform's CEO Kevin Mayer quit amid Trump's push to have the Chinese app sold to a U.S. business.

Hours before Mayer's announcement, however, TikTok launched new merch items that ironically say "not going anywhere" on them. The merch is supposed to reference the ongoing battle to not have the app banned in the United States.

The "not going anywhere" TikTok hoodie is selling for $70 while the t-shirt is selling for $45. You can check out all of TikTok's merch here.


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